I Went to the Theater…


Good Morning:

I went to the theater and a wedding broke out.

Even in San Francisco, this is a little bit different. I attended an evening of one-act plays the other night because one of the actresses had done an outstanding job in a reading of my play The Possibility. I met her mom and her boyfriend (whom I thought was her husband) before the show, then settled in for a pretty good evening of theater.

After the show ended and the cast had taken their bows, the techies played Brudda Iz’ classic medley “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World” an odd choice given the overall dark and doomed tone of the plays. The producer/playwright stepped onstage to introduce one of the actors in his everyday role as a judge, complete with robes. My actress friend walked onstage in a vintage wedding dress and bouquet, her boyfriend bounded onstage in the role of a groom, her mother was shocked out of her mind because she had received no advance notice, the judge flubbed his lines the first time but eventually got them right, and the City is home to one more happily wedded couple.

Vonn Scott Bair

PS–Israel Ka’ano Kamakawiwo’ole (or Brudduh Iz to non-Hawaiians like me) was an outstanding singer and ukelele player who died much too young of obesity-related problems (he weighed over 750 pounds and that is not a misprint).


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