The Happiest Woman at SFO on Christmas Eve


She sat with her husband & newborn, awaiting their Delta flight. The parents took turns holding the baby and bottle feeding. And when people happened to look at her (and a lot of people wanted to look at her) she turned toward them with her biggest smile and made sure they got a good look at her face.
This was the most horribly disfigured face I have ever seen in person.
The two-inch flaking white blotch on her forehead sat next to a two-inch bright-red blister. Peeling skin and scabs covered her nose. More peeling skin, scabs, blisters, bruises and blotches covered her left cheek. Add a few more of the above to her chin.
And she was happy.
My hypothesis: whatever happened to her, the doctors thought she wasn’t going to survive. Yet here she was with her husband and her child, probably going to visit family. Think about it: the rest of her life is one big Christmas present. How could she not be the happiest woman in SFO on Christmas Eve?
I hope all of you have just as joyous a holiday as hers.


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