Friday Night & Free Enterprise on San Francisco’s 71-Limited


Good Evening:

Even in laid-back San Francisco, the evening commute home is usually filled with people decompressing after a tough day at work. Breathing out the stress, breathing back in their sanity, that sort of thing. Well, one young gentleman wearing a San Francisco Giants hoodie sat in the very last row in the back of the 71-Limited at 5:00 pm, and he wanted to help. He really, truly and verily wanted to serve humanity, to help make people’s lives better, to help them relax after a tense day. He really, truly wanted to make our lives better. He also wanted to make a buck.

So using the hearty phony bonhomie of a radio commercial announcer, he made his marketing pitch:

“Did you have a rough day today? Are you feeling just too d—ed stressed? Don’t you wish that you could just relax? Well, I have the answer to all your problems.”

Now he held up a clear plastic sandwich bag filled with the true San Francisco Treat.

“Smoke weed–and blow your troubles away.”

My stop had arrived, so I had to depart, but as I left, I did observe a few people furtively checking their wallets and purses and glancing around at the other people furtively checking their wallets and purses.

Vonn Scott Bair

PS–How can you not love free enterprise?


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