Jake the Bulldog


Good Evening:
I heard today of the passing of Jake, an all-white English Bulldog who hung out in front of his human’s place of business, a hair styling salon in the Upper Haight. Jake was the most placid fellow I’ve ever seen, a dog who didn’t even need a leash to keep him in place. His calm demeanor made him ideal for the neighborhood. No matter what humans passed him, no matter how many, no matter what they did or how they dressed or what noises they made, nothing could even begin to disturb an equanimity that even Buddha would have envied. He let the humans pet him, receiving their affection with serene dignity, never pandering or begging for their attention. He was eleven years old, quite elderly by bulldog standards, and must have enjoyed the human circus parading before him. Jake was a good fellow and a solid mensch. RIP, you good boy.
Vonn Scott Bair


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