I Do Not Understand Reality, Literary Cheese Edition, 26 April 2012


Good Evening:

Amongst my current collection of seven cheeses in my refrigerator (I kinda sorta like the stuff), I realized that one is an Irish Cheddar named Oscar Wilde, whilst another is a Dutch Gouda named Zola. I do not understand reality. Why name cheeses after writers? Especially those writers? For one things, Wilde was more interested in fermented beverages than in bacteria-infested milk products.

Naturally, I had to wonder; what other writer or songwriter-inspired cheeses might be possible?

The Balzac: this was easy; a rich, full-bodied, complex and earthy Brie.
The Shakespeare: Stilton, with the rind washed in ale or porter.
The Steinbeck: Monterey Jack filled with chopped jalapeños.
The Beckett: rather dry and austere, flavourless and hard.
The Jerry Garcia: a San Francisco version of Boursin, in this case a cream cheese with a special blend of herbs.
The Faulkner, Hemingway and/or Fitzgerald: Cheese?! Are you kidding? Pass me the bottle!

Savouring a Homemade Rosemary-Garlic Oscar Wilde Cheddar Cheese Sauce over a Baked Potato, I Remain,
Yours Truly,
Vonn Scott Bair


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