The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge at “Fogrise,” 3 September 2007


Good Afternoon:

I was wondering if my photo collection included any decent shots of a real, genuine, true San Francisco sunrise, a sunrise so real, genuine and true that it is not even a sunrise; “fogrise” seems so much more appropriate. Found this:

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge at "Fogrise," 3 September 2007
Picture taken with a Nikon D40 DSLR, cropped and converted to B&W in iPhoto

Now that is more like it. I’m not saying the picture is great, but this is a real, genuine and true San Francisco fogrise: none of this conventionally pretty clear blue sky and brilliant color, but a picture as grey as the scenery, with the Golden Gate Bridge partially concealed by our legendary fog. Don’t the jogger and the birds look like they’re freezing? Now I feel that I have really, genuinely and truly represented my city.

Vonn Scott Bair


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