Customer Service at the “Flea Market” at Market & 8th


Good Evening:

During the day, the small wall bordering the parking lot at Market & 8th Streets becomes the gathering spot for the neighborhood’s homeless, soon-to-be homeless and almost homeless; a mostly jovial bunch of men (women are rare) who hang out, trading jokes and enjoying each other enough that they forget to beg for spare change from the passers-by. Some days, they have a flea market of sorts, probably quite illegal, but tolerated.

One of these entrepreneurs specializes in used DVDs and VHS cassettes (remember those?). His selection is bizarre; half of his wares consists of G-rated fare, the other half consists of hard-core XXX material. So you have the odd collection of old Flintstones cartoons on one hand, and some stuff which I won’t describe on the other.

Well, someone must have complained to him about the smut, because as I walked past him today, he had changed his presentation. The G-rated fare (including a DVD of Rudy) was on display as usual. The ahem, other material was covered by a piece of corrugated cardboard, on which he wrote in felt-tip marker “XXX-RATED. No Children Allowed.”

Customer service, illegal flea market style.

Vonn Scott Bair


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