Dueling Differences Outside the Double Dutch


Good Evening:

The Double Dutch is a bar in San Francisco’s Mission, on 16th near Guerrero, and as I awaited the 22-Fillmore I happened to stand next to two gentlemen on their cell phones talking at the same time, and they remained unaware of each other during their conversations.

The first gentleman was clean shaven and wore a black silk shirt and black wool pants and black patent leather shoes: “No, no, forget it, don’t even bother coming, there is no one here to impress.”

The second gentleman wore a shabby beard, well worn T shirt, old sneakers and blue jeans with fraying cuffs: “Yeah, come on down, bring Holly, too, there is no one you have to impress.”

I’ll bet that everyone reading this can describe the Double Dutch.

Vonn Scott Bair


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