The Color Orange at Katz’ Bagels


Good Evening:

Katz’ Bagels began as a small hole in the wall on 16th Street near Albion a few decades ago, and I’m convinced that Mr. Katz opened the place to support his photography habit, because during the early years, hundreds of his street portraits graced its walls, and you could buy his book of photographs and look at art as you noshed. Today he owns multiple branches in San Francisco, and these are probably the best bagels in my hometown (full disclosure: I have no financial stake in the business).

The Lower Haight branch does not have his photos. Instead, it features a wall painted bright orange with nooks for the display of art. Such as these (all 4 photographs taken with an iPhone 4):

I wasn’t kidding about the orange, was I? It almost appears as if the art was selected to glorify the color and not the other way around.

Of course, perhaps the color orange is a bit much for you. You can sit in back:

The mood is a bit quieter back here, a sample of San Francisco at its civilized best.

Vonn Scott Bair


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