When Is the Wednesday Farmers Market Better Than the Wednesday Farmers Market?


Good Evening:

One of the disadvantages of working in a business where the employee morale is sky-high is that Wednesday afternoons are fatal to any diet. The Civic Center Farmers Market is in session during the third day of the work week, and after the clock strikes twelve, people feel psychologically that they’re over the hump, and they can begin to anticipate the weekend. Therefore, to celebrate, at least three of my co-workers will return with goodies to share with everyone else. And who can blame us? (all photos taken with a Nikon D40 DSLR with the Landscape setting)

Cherries! Cherries! Cherries! CHERRIES, as far as the eye can see!

But there are some Wednesdays that are even better than the others. First, the Civic Center frequently becomes the home of amazing public sculpture, such as this inflatable flower that is part of the Asian Art Museum’s current exhibition:

And then there’s the Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library. Every once in a while, they accumulate more books than they can use.

So they sell ’em. At $1 per book. Doesn’t matter which book. This is where I have built my cookbook library, although sadly, I couldn’t get there early enough today; there are a lot of very fine amateur chefs in San Francisco and the dollar cookbooks do not last long at these sales. What I like best about this picture is the gentleman in the lower left; he literally couldn’t wait to get home to start reading.

Vonn Scott Bair


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