The Instant Art of Instant Abstract Art


Good Evening:

I like to take extreme closeup pictures of San Francisco’s milieu of miles of magnificent multicolor murals. The idea consists of getting so close to the bird, flower, landscape, or decorative lettering that my picture reduces the mural to nothing but line, shape and color. Instant abstract art, if you will. I sometimes crop the pictures and use them as my desktop backgrounds. Here are some recent works of mine. Except that I don’t think I can call them “works” or “mine;” that doesn’t seem fair, perhaps.

The first two come from the mural on the backside of the Church & Market Safeway grocery store, and are pictures of the Pacific Ocean.

The next two are closeups of sections of the painting of a large flower on a building wall on 13th Street near Mission and underneath the Central Freeway.

I’m sure the artist deliberately used the texture of the wall in conjunction with his/her thick brush strokes to produce the “piled on” effect. Next is a closeup of an abstract painting at Katz’s Bagels on Haight Street.

This is the same bagel place featured in my post The Color Orange at Katz’s Bagels. Next I have three closeups from a mural of abstract art hiding in an alley off Ninth Street in SOMA (South Of MArket).

The final trio are closeups of sections of the murals on the south side of the Asian Art Museum across the street from the Main Branch of the SF Public Library.

These murals tend to combine abstract with non-abstract elements.

Color is a wonderful thing; look closer at your world and you might see something you were missing.

Vonn Scott Bair


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