The Minimally Artistic Art of Instant Minimalist Art, 1 July 2012


Good Evening:

Guess what this is:

Give up? It’s a gas station located at the intersection of Oak & Divisidero in San Francisco. I encourage you not to believe me, but here it is at night:

During daylight hours, I had photographed a section of the overhang to the camera’s left of the Shell letters.

As with my instant abstract art, I do like to play with pictures that turn objects into abstractions, but this time using even fewer colors, sometimes no color at all, to create a photograph where the lighting and texture are paramount, a sort of instant minimalist art. It’s a simple matter of accidentally walking past a monochromatic scene when the sunlight hits it at the precisdely correct angle to make the scene temporarily interesting. Since that darn sun won’t hold still, most of the time I have surprisingly few seconds with which to work. Unfortunately, I’m not an expert on art, so my choice of the word “minimalist” might not be accurate; if in fact inaccurate, please accept my apologies. Some more examples (please note that none are black & white):

Of course, Nature can play the same game, too, and perhaps play it better:

Tidal Mud Flats at Chrissy Field, San Francisco

Wind-Swept Sand at Ocean Beach near Sunset, San Francisco, CA

One curious strength of instant minimalist art versus instant abstract art is that its comparative simplicity might prove suitable for desktop pictures. For example, you could use different colors to organize your icons:

That photo, incidentally, was taken inside a now-closed laundromat near Pierce & Haight. Our final photo for the evening is not minimalist in the sense that it portrays recognizable objects, but is minimalist in terms of the color palette:

White on White on White Study #9. Nikon D40, Closeup Setting

One little surprise is that if you look closely you will spot that this is not a black and white photograph. The point at which the two eggs touched did turn pink, and these colors are accurate. I consulted with some of my professional photographer friends who are always willing to help, and they informed me that this was a known phenomenon. Yours truly being the egg-headed air-head that he is, I’ve forgotten the reason. Sorry. I do apologize a lot in my posts, don’t I?

I hope you all had a good weekend, and I hope you all have a good week.

Vonn Scott Bair


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