The San Francisco Scene–Seen! 100th Post: Haighting the Weekend


Good Afternoon:

I must begin with an apology to all of my neighbors and friends living in both the Upper and Lower Haight: I apologize for the bad pun in the title of this, my 100th post. We have all seen all of the bad puns and wordplay–how the Summer of Love was centered on a street pronounced “hate,” lame jokes and T-shirts like “I Haight San Francisco,” et cetera. We even have a deli called Love ‘n’ Haight (553 Haight, close to the legendary Toronado). But I captured almost all of these scenes whilst exploring my nabe on the weekends, so I hope you understand.

First, our weekends tend to begin with a great San Francisco Sunrise:

Sunrise, San Francisco, 27 December 2007. Nikon D40, Landscape Setting

Hold on there just one second. That is not a great San Francisco Sunrise.

Sunrise, 17 November 2007. Nikon D40, Landscape Setting

Now that is a great San Francisco Sunrise.

By far the most common forms of entertainment on Haight consist of music, eating and drinking. Music still dominates, decades after its heyday of the Jefferson Dead, Grateful Dead and others:

Guitar Player, Buena Vista

Busking at Haight & Clayton

Haight Street Blues Man

And where’s there music, there’s dancing:

Dancing at Golden Gate Park. Nikon Coolpix 4300, B&W Mode

Snippet #1:

Woman, age about thirty: “So there’s nose piercing on Monday, lip piercing on Tuesday, eyebrow piercing on Wednesday, bellybutton piercing on Thursday, and, and, and–what’s on Friday?”

Man, age about thirty: “Ear piercing?”

Woman: “What?!”

This dinosaur, a Haight Street icon, has changed a lot over the years:

Snippet #2:

Street person, male: “Can you do me a really, really huge favor?”

Street person, female: “Only if it gets me high.”

Other scenes from various Haight Street weekends:

Awaiting the Throw, Golden Gate Park

Mythic Pizza: Saturday Afternoon, Lower Haight.

“Did I Accidentally Press the Shutter?” Nikon Coolpix, B&W Setting


And then you have these strange juxtapositions:

And some stuff is just plain weird; not necessarily good weird:

Haight & Masonic on a Foggy Afternoon

Snippet #3:

Woman, early 20’s, to another woman, early 20’s: “So I challenged him, like, ‘What do you know about kumquats?’ and he’s like, ‘What don’t I know about kumquats?'”

“We Messed With Texas” iPhone 4.

Yes, Haight Street knows how to celebrate a World Series victory.

The Magic Hour (photographer’s term for the 1-2 hours before the sun goes down) can bring out the beauty in the ordinary or even ugly:

Yellow, Pink, Brick Red.

Fire Hydrant, Haight nr. Buena Vista Park

Of course, some people have to work, whilst others have chores:

Laundry Day, Lower Haight.

Snippet #4:

A man on Haight near Masonic set up a few folding chairs and a miniature bar. He was selling cocktails from clear glass 2.5 gallon jugs late one afternoon. Judging from the calendar, this might have been an attempt to raise money for the next month’s rent. On the other hand, he might have been providing a valuable public service for the late afternoon Happy Hour crowd. A young lady stops in front of the bar.

“Is there tequila in that margarita?”

“Yes there is.”

“Tequila is such a happy liquor.”

Magnolia (named in honor of San Francisco former stripper and restaurateur Magnolia Thunderpussy, who used to own a place at the same location) is a very popular brewpub located at Haight & Masonic, especially on a late afternoon after you’ve spent the day taking pictures of the locale and locals.

Studying the Day’s Photography at Magnolia

And when the day is done, why not a burrito at The Little Chihuahua?

Rive Gauche. iPhone 4 at The Little Chihuahua

I have much more of the Haight to show you, but I shall conclude for now. When I started this blog, I wondered if a) would I be able to keep it going or would I lose interest quickly, and b) where on earth would I find enough material for stories?” Little did I know. Aside from sharing and providing art and writing for others, one of the best aspects of blogging (at least in the mind of this “veteran” blogger) is that the work/fun/fun work of maintaining a blog consists of I have opened my eyes, ears and mind to my world to a far great extent than ever before. I hadn’t even known how much I had not seen before.

Thanks to all of you who have visited, commented, and/or like my humble little online abode. It still stuns me when I receive likes from tomorrow, thanks to our ever-spinning world.

Thanks to all of you who have chosen to follow my blog. I will try my best to continue to do my best. Have a good Fourth of July.

Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. If my memory is working… The last time I was at Haight and Masonic, I was surprised to see it wasn’t the Drogstore (after they changed it from Drugstore) any more.

    There always seemed to be someone partying on Haight street.

    • planeman: Thanks for writing. Magnolia has occupied the property for so long that I can’t even remember when it was the Drogstore or the Drugstore. Another recent change to an old business: the used clothing store at Haight & Ashbury called the Aardvark’s Odd Ark now has a new name. Oh, and the dinosaur is now orange with black spots–SF Giants colors.

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