con(decon)struction: The Cranes of San Francisco


Good Evening:

I have an ongoing collection of photographs collected in the category that I label “con(decon)struction” devoted to images of either construction sites and/or equipment on the one hand, or urban landscapes in decay on the other. For whatever reason, I have always liked construction cranes. This shot was an attempt to take advantage to take advantage of a weakness in the Nikon CoolPix 4300, in which buildings on the edge of a shot bend inward.

Construction Crane Near Market, Kearny and Geary

Any real economist might desire to run screaming from this post right about now, but is it not possible that one can measure the health of a city by the number of construction cranes drawing yellow, blue or white lines across the sky?

I’ve written before that if San Francisco is not change then San Francsico is not at all. The Cranes of San Francisco represent that change for me.

A jet trail intersecting the arm of a construction crane? You have to grab these when you can, even through the window of a light rail train. My personal favorite, however, is this one:

Construction Crane Across the Street from the Exit Theatre, Eddy Street, San Francisco

Vonn Scott Bair


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