Things on Walls in San Francisco


Good Morning:

I know what you’re thinking. “What is there to explain about a ladder? Since when was a ladder complicated? Puzzling?”

Ever since this ladder:

Ladder on Stevenson

I cannot figure out the reason this ladder exists; my best guess is that the bottom half fell off and fell down (note the two metal thingies at the bottom of the picture). You’ll find this on Stevenson, which runs parallel to Market Street and is one of San Francisco’s most interesting lanes/alleys.


Walking throughout my hometown, I can’t help myself; I notice things on walls. Not necessarily doors and murals. I don’t understand why I notice these things; they seem to have little of interest. Yet notice them I do. In this case, I refer to objects that some person or persons attached to an interior or exterior wall for a particular reason. Sometimes the reason is obvious, sometimes the reason is not. Sometimes the object is still or might still be useful, sometimes it is not.

This I can understand.

This I cannot.

However, it is fun to speculate. Like a fragment of a fossilized bone from sixty million years ago, what can we tell about the business or home that used to exist in this place and what purpose might this have served? Paleontologists have recreated creatures over 50 feet long weighing several tons from a bit of tooth, and can even determine what they ate; can we recreate Ye Olde San Francisco from this piece of metal, even if taken out of context of its environment?

What exactly is this?

Or this?

I know this is located on the side of a church located at Fillmore and Hermann; beyond that, I cannot even guess what’s going on here. This provides a little context:

Some day, archeologists exploring the ruins of “Late San Francisco Civilization” will hold this object in their hands. What will they think?

Here are a few more images for your curiosity, amusement, puzzlement, intrigue, study, or some combination of the above.

“Signs Guaranteed to Yield Unproductivity” 2012.

More to follow some day. Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

Oops, sorry, forgot one more, the most baffling of all to my febrile feeble futile frazzled mind:

“Mystery in Blue”

Does anyone have any idea what this is and what it’s supposed to do?

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • Dear Mr. Hopps: Thank you! Since you seem to be a Londoner, you will probably find thousands of similar objects in your city that will prove quite suitable for your “Square Format – B & W” series. Vonn Scott Bair

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