West Coast Contractors Services on a Saturday Afternoon


Good Evening:

So what do you think of this question–do the good people who work at West Coast Contractors Services think of their workplace as a work of art?

West Coast Contractors Services, 11 August 2012, 12:38 p.m.

This shot, of course, is a matter of pure luck; I happened to walk past at the right time of day on the right day of the year. My iPhone 4’s camera is very weak at handling shadows; therefore, I lightened them a bit using iPhoto. I have thought about cropping the top and bottom edges even if it results in a non-standard size; that yellow rubber traffic mat at bottom right might be disposable. In fact, what the heck, let’s show you the original picture:

As you can see, the shadowed areas are much too dark.

Most of what one needs to become a decent photographer can be learned, and in the case of the technology, can be bought. Even composing the shot can be learned by practicing at will with today’s digital cameras, since one needn’t spend money on film. If you can’t learn how to compose in the camera, no problem; crop the shot in your favorite software program. Don’t take my word for this until/unless you first consult with the great photographers, but it seems to me that the one innate talent a photographer can have is the talent to be the only person to realize that something ought to be, or even needs to be photographed. Sure, everyone recognizes that the Golden Gate Bridge needs to be photographed (although we can disagree as to when it looks best). But what about some weird object on a wall? How many people can see the beauty in that?

This talent makes one photographer different from the rest; there are millions of photographers out there who are better than I am, but they would never notice that West Coast Contractors Services needed to be photographed on that Saturday afternoon. Of course, they would have recognized that something else needed to be photographed that I overlooked and taken that picture. It’s fun to show someone a picture of something they use every day, yet this is the first time they see the inherent beauty therein.

Still, I mostly reflect upon the people who work at West Coast Contractors Services, and wonder how many of us work in beauty and never realize it.

Vonn Scott Bair


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