Multi-Tasking, Haight Street Style, on a Saturday Afternoon in June


Good Evening:

I flagged him down because I feared that his bicycle was on fire. Not true.

Bicyclist with Working Grill, Haight & Pierce, 23 June 2012. Taken with an iPhone 4.

His bike was smoking. He was multi-tasking.

San Franciscans, despite our reputation for living in a vegetarian/vegan Nirvana, love grilling. We might grill summer squash on occasion, but most of the time we are a bovine nightmare: “Eat your grass, Junior, or the Boogeymen from San Francisco will come in the night when you’re asleep and turn you into hamburger.”

San Franciscans also love exercise, especially bicycling. You can see mighty packs of them riding to work on specially designated bike lanes on Market Street. Finally, San Franciscans love to party. Oh, yeah. We do.

So I probably should not have felt too surprised to see that his bicycle was not on fire. This gentleman and his buddies were taking a trip throughout the city. Now their destination was a party, but they were expected to provide some of the burgers. Simple problem, simply solved: he strapped a miniature grill to the back of his vehicle, loaded it with charcoal, lit a fire and threw some brurgers on the grill.

Cooking, exercising and partying. Simultaneously.

This is how we mult-task on Haight Street on a Saturday afternoon in June.

Vonn Scott Bair

PS–Is his T-shirt slogan appropriate or what?


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