Free Spirit: Birds


Good Evening:

I wonder about that old saying in the English language: “as free as a bird.” Have you wondered about it? Do birds actually feel free? Perhaps what they most often feel is hunger. Nonetheless, all of us have looked up into the sky to watch their flight, and practically all of us have wished we had the same ability. For our “Free Spirit” challenge, I have a few pictures of birds to share. I will also look into my archives for pictures of San Francisco’s free spirits and hope to find something worth sharing.

Hawk Screeching Overhead, Idaho Falls, Idaho 2008

This hawk hated my guts. Every evening during the Magic Hour, I explored the area near Pioneer Road in Idaho Falls. Every evening, this bird would take flight and scream at me. Territorial, I suppose.

Brown Pelican Flying Overhead, Fort Mason, San Francisco

Brown Pelicans Returning to Roost Near Sunset, Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Brown Pelicans are a common and picturesque sight at the San Francisco shores.

Bald Eagle Overlooking the Snake River, Idaho, Square Format

I love experimenting with copies of the original RAW file of this picture, the closest I’ve ever come to a Bald Eagle in the wild. After following the photoblog of fellow Presser Robert Hopps (, I thought a few crops using a square format might produce some decent results. Here’s one example. Until next time.

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • ADetailedHouse: Thank you! This event took place at a rest stop overlooking the Snake River about 400 feet below; picnic tables, rest rooms, no gas, store or restaurant. My family were the only humans there when I spotted the eagle, yet by the time I fetched my camera (Nikon D40, Landscape Setting) from the car, three other families had appeared out of nowhere to take pictures. We were all very, very, very quiet. I’m sure the eagle knew we were there, but it had such a great view of the river and the fish therein that it chose to put up with the people.

      • So nice that you got to document it! We live on a river and the number have (supposedly) increased in the last decade. Hopefully one day, I’ll snap a picture like yours, but I’m not a terribly good photographer:-/ Just magical!

      • ADetailedHouse: Our National Bird was listed as Endangered for most of my life, but has made a stunning recovery; the US removed it from the Threatened list only five years ago. So your great picture will come.

  1. The first time I saw a bald eagle, about 25 years ago, it was a thrill and not a common sight. So glad they are easier to find now. It is still a thrill to see them, especially when they soar in the wind.

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