The Double Rainbow in San Francisco, 5 September 2012


Good Evening:

I disembarked from the 6-Parnassus at 8th and Market in order to connect with the T line to travel to a meeting of my photography club–and walked face-first into a rainbow. And not just any rainbow, but a very rare double rainbow, something I had never seen before. I used the only two cameras I had available (I can’t believe I just wrote “only two cameras I had available”), a Nikon Coolpix S9100 and my iPhone 4’s built-in camera. The iPhone uses a “IMG_” classification system, whilst the Nikon uses “DSCN.” The DSCN3113 image shows the double rainbow most clearly.




Here are some of the Nikon’s pictures.


DSCN3113: The double rainbow is faintly visible to the left of the brighter.


I can’t believe the differences between the two cameras. In reality, the sky was not that pink nor that orange, but more blue in color. The double rainbow was brighter in real life, and as usual, the iPhone 4’s zoom produced a fuzzy picture (I could pretend that it was deliberate Impressionism, because sometimes I actually want the blur, but not in this case).

Ah, what a silly fussbudget I am. Shame on me; I should feel grateful that I captured the first double rainbow I’ve ever seen, and even more grateful that I can literally share pictures, however flawed, with people across the entire world. I hope you aren’t a grouchy grumbling old sourpuss like me.

Vonn Scott Bair


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