Near and Far: San Francisco’s Ocean Beach


Good Evening:

I wonder how stunned people felt centuries ago as they reached the Pacific Coast and beheld the ocean. Who could not wonder what might lie beyond the horizon? What lands, what people? For that matter, what monsters?

The Last Seconds of Sun, Ocean Beach, San Francisco 30 June 2007

A great sunset can prove hard to find in San Francisco. Sometimes you see only a cloudless sky, big deal, not much of interest there. Sometimes you don’t see anything: Clouds, fog, rain, sometimes all of the above. I sometimes have to wait months for both an adequate weekend sunset and free time on my schedule.

I can wait; a Pacific Coast sunset combines peacefulness and beauty as can nothing else. Even when the wind comes in loud and hard.

Near Sunset @ Ocean Beach, 30 June 2007 (Edited)

This is an edited version of a picture published in an earlier blogpost; with only adjustments using the basic tools in iPhoto, I discovered that the shadows and bright spots could be reduced, revealing more detail in the scene. This version also feels more true to life as I recall, although vision, cameras and memories are tricky little beasties.

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • Thank you, ioanna! That shot was a very lucky one in many aspects: right time of day, right level of tide. And yet I nearly missed it. I had taken a few forgettable shots of the boulder before I realized how the incoming waves broke around it. Then I had to take a large number of shots before I finally timed one correctly. I probably discarded about two dozen.

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