The Surreal Is That Which Lies at Your Feet – In San Francisco, at Any Rate


Good Evening:

“The surreal is that which lies at your feet.”

Does anyone recognize that quote? Not mine, I thought it was another product of Andre Breton’s fertile, fervid and fervent imagination but I have not found the original yet. But I think of that line any time I walk almost any street in this town.

Are Danny Trejo’s Mickey Mouse Ears in Heavan?

Sidewalk murals and stencils have taken over entire neighborhoods, and have entertained pedestrians in San Francisco for years and years and years. I have the pictures to prove and might someday post more. But tonight I noticed the latest edits to one of the many “Danny Trejo: Adios Gringo” stencils in the Haight. For some reason, this particular stencil on Haight near Steiner has received a few embellishments over the years. First came the Mickey Mouse ears. Second came the double-M addition–for those of us who can’t recognize Mickey Mouse ears when we see them.

The newest addition is “What about heavan.” Who knows what that is supposed to mean: this is just more San Francisco Surrealism. Have a good Friday, everyone.

Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. I can’t find any reference to the origin of that quote, so maybe you can take ownership. 🙂 I love it, anyway, as it’s so true. Even looking at your last post, one can see how true it is. The surrealism of homeless, destitute people, laying at ones feet, in an affluent society, never cease to trouble me. Nevertheless, I would love to visit the uniqueness of San Fran again. Those sidewalk murals made me smile.

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