Solitary, Part 2: Animals.


Good Morning:

It might come as a surprise that San Francisco has a wild side, but here you are:

“Egret with Reflection.” San Francisco, California, 3 September 2007, Nikon D40

Crissy Field, once a salt marsh, formerly an airfield, now a salt marsh again, part of our Presidio, and the home of a large number of waterfowl. Of course, you would expect some places, such as Yellowstone National Park, to have an abundance of wildlife, but my family did not get so lucky during our 2008 trip. Aside from those bison, this was our biggest catch:

Have you checked out the other responses to this week’s Challenge? Personally, it seems that this week has produced an exceptional set of photos.

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • adinparadise: There should be a Follow button somewhere on my blog page. It might only become visible after one clicks on the Like button; I’ve encountered this on a few other blogs. Vonn Scott Bair

    • N. N.: Thanks. I have to give credit to the bird. Egrets rank among the most photogenic birds on the planet and easiest to photograph. They have to stand still and wait for fish to forget that are legs, not reeds or grasses. Vonn Scott Bair

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