Solitary, Part 3: Things.


Good Evening:

Completing my trilogy of responses to this week’s Challenge, along with People and Animals. One might think that finding anything solitary in a city as densely populated as San Francisco might constitute a challenge, but I still found a few “Things.”

Pink and Sky Blue

I have also classified this one as part of my Things on Walls series, and as is quite common in the series, I have no idea what this thing does.

Streetlight in a Mission Street Alley

I found this in an alley off Mission between 4th and 5th Streets. But let us face the facts: if you want to go Solitary and Things and Picturesque and you live in the American West, you have to go to America’s High Desert.

Cabin Near the Grand Tetons

That’s almost unfairly Solitary.

Native Fireworks, Montana

So is this. Montana is truly one big, Big Sky, country.

Junked Cars on a Trailer, Utah

I saw these junked cars in the giant parking lot of a tiny gas station in Utah.

WordPress veterans will know the answer to this question: ever since the first weekly Photo Challenge, has the overall quality of the submissions gone up over time? I write this because I’ve explored a lot of posts this week, and have either gotten very lucky in clicking, or people have done a great job this week.

Vonn Scott Bair


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