The Music of a Friday Afternoon, 5 October 2012


Good Evening:

Quite a weekend coming for the City & County of San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (I can’t believe this festival is free!), the Giants in the playoffs, the Athletics (!!) in the playoffs, the Niners on the road at Buffalo, the America’s Cup, Fleet Week–plus one acting job, one audition, and other projects for yours truly.

Friday afternoon, and the upcoming 3-day weekend already had me exhausted. Time for some more Music for a Friday Afternoon, And definitely time to calm the mind, calm the emotion, calm the soul.

The New View from the New 10th Floor

For that sort of music for this sort of afternoon break, I chose classical, sub-category solo artist.

Ludovico Einaudi “Nuvole Bianche,” Una Mattina: I discovered Einaudi via the amazing video of El Tieda, “The Mountain,” and rarely has solo piano sounded so emotional and so calm at the same time.

Relaxing in the Plaza of the Federal Building, 400 Block of Golden Gate Avenue

Actually, one might question whether Zoe Keating is a solo cellist, since she depends so heavily upon looping her music, but Into the Trees is a solidly good, sometimes brilliant work by an artist who does not release enough music to keep at least one of her fans happy. For this afternoon break, “Escape Artist” provided both artistry and escape from the busy week that was and the busy weekend that lies ahead.

Have fun, everyone.

Vonn Scott Bair


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