Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy – Actors & Musicians


Good Evening:

Once they find work, actors and musicians become some of the happiest people around. No more running around from audition to audition, no more trying to score a gig, you can just settle down and do what you love best.

Kari Dancing

One of my personal favorites, shot during an actual take during the filming of the short film “Christ Throws a Party.” The picture is of course a pure accident, capturing a compostion at the exactly right time at 1/500th of a second when 1/500th of a second too soon or too late would have ruined the shot, but this remains a highlight from a good weekend of photography. Here are three more:


Nancy Dancing

Guitarist on the Set of “Christ Throws a Party”

Incidentally, the two pictures of Bogart from “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy – Dogs” also came from this film project.

I’ve only done one set of head shots for an actor and one set of publicity stills for a musician. Fortunately, I got to assist my friend Sapna Gandhi with an acceptable head shot for the start of her career. My payment consisted of lunch at The Pork Store, one of Haight Street’s greatest cafes, which fit her budget at that time, and that made her very happy (not to mention my stomach!). She told me the photo helped her get a lot of work; actually, I feel quite certain that she helped her get a lot of work.

Sapna Gandhi Head Shot

But you should see how she appears when she inspires a professional photographer.

Susan Ruttan on the Set of “half-life.”

If you liked L. A. Law, you’ll remember Susan Ruttan. This is how she appeared on the set of the indie feature film Half-Life (sometimes spelled half-life). This shot captured her exactly as she was on the set, one of the most pleasant persons with whom I’ve ever worked: she politely asked people for their copies of the local papers after they had finished with them and thanked them profusely: a dedicated seamstress, she was looking for local fabric sales.

I have no idea what my co-stars are doing; I’m not sure they do, either.

And this last one comes from the feature film Table for Six, one of my favorite acting jobs of all time (and I just booked #222 this past weekend!). Towards the end of month-long film shoots, we creative types have to get very creative in devising new means of relaxation that we haven’t created yet. No doubt my buddies had perfectly sound and logical reasons for behaving like this.

Can you blame me for wanting to act? I meet a whole lot of fun people in my other career.

Vonn Scott Bair


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