Weekly Photo Challenge: Big – Naval Air Station Alameda


Good Evening:

Bay Area photographers who love to photograph industrial landscapes love to explore the ruins of Naval Air Station Alameda, one of the birthplaces of America’s victory in the Pacific Theater of World War II. I organized one expedition to the western end of Alameda Island in April 2008, and many of my shots definitely meet the Big criterion. I already have included one such picture in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy theme; here are more.

The first time I traveled to the East Bay using BART light rail (Bay Area Rapid Transit), and the train emerged from the tunnel under the bay, I unashamedly state that I crouched down in my seat after glimpsing these monstrous four-legged cranes. Don’t they remind you of the giant four-legged tanks from the opening sequence of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back? It has long been a commonplace in the Bay Area that these cranes inspired the Empire’s behemoths, and yet everyone connected with the film seems to insist this is not true. I do take them at their word; but still…

This is one of the buildings where we built the planes and ships that fought in the Pacific. But this shot, for all its pleasing symmetry, does not give a sense of human scale. These pictures of normal, human-sized doors might:

Yes. Definitely big.

Vonn Scott Bair


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