The Instant Art of Instant Abstract Art, 27 October 2012: Glassware & Pottery @ the De Young Museum, San Francisco


Good Afternoon:

I have a fondness for taking extreme closeups of objects, so extreme that you can no longer recognize the object, converting concrete art to an abstract photograph. Here is an earlier example of my work; and here is an even earlier example. And I almost forgot this one.

I visited San Francisco’s sensational De Young Museum today and found a few opportunities to indulge my eccentric tastes. All pictures taken with a Nikon CoolPix S9100 using the built-in “Museum Mode.”

I photographed closeups of Turkish plates in one of the gift shops (you will find a lot of gift shops in the De Young), and then cropped them to produce the above results. The next set of four come from glassware objets d’art in the permanent exhibits. You’ll note that two came out slightly blurry; I decided that the results kinda sorta maybe somewhat perhaps might have succeeded. Maybe. A typical amateur excuse–“I meant to do that!”

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend. Go Giants!

Vonn Scott Bair


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