Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry – The Rear of the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco


Good Morning:

This might constitute the first of many Geometry-themed posts for this week, as many of my subjects lend themselves well to our Weekly Photo Challenge.

San Francisco’s Orpheum Theater probably wants most people to look at its front side, which can look beautiful, even in (especially in?) the rain:

The Orpheum Theater, one of San Francisco’s great old theaters.

But the backside of the building poses a curious contrast. No windows, no fancy ornamentation, just large geometric shapes that lend themselves to instant abstract art.

These squares are a recent addition. Why did someone paint them? I have no idea; perhaps they cover up some graffiti.

And this is one of my favorite settings for photography (See my April post entitled “The Photographer As Crocodile“):

The contrast between the fancy facade and the plain rear of the Orpheum has always interested me. Thank you, WordPress, for an opportunity to share that interest.

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • Good Afternoon, and thanks for writing! I just used a plain ol’ point-and-shoot Nikon Coolpix S9100 in Landscape Mode for that one–shooting through a window during a rain storm produces a literally “watercolor” effect. I have a few posts here and there with “The View from the Eighth Floor” in the title.

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