Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry – The Instant Art of Instant Abstract Art, 4 November 2012


Good Evening:

One of my favorite photographic themes consists of taking extreme closeup shots of objects, especially San Francisco murals, so that it becomes impossible to tell what the object or picture might have been, and all that remains consists of shapes and colors. In other words, a perfect match for this week’s Photo Challenge. Presenting first: two typical recent examples, these come from a huge mural across the street from the legendary Rainbow Grocery.

True or false, San Franciscans like to brag that my fair city contains more murals per acre than any other major city in America (or the world, depending upon which boast you hear first). Most are bright, wildly colorful, semi-abstract designs that explode off the bricks, plaster, stucco or wooden walls.

However, I recently discovered a new mural at Haight & Masonic, one that contained only geometric and symmetrical shapes using a deliberately limited color palette of black, brown, beige and cream. Very restrained in both design and tone, very creative, very impressive. Some of my more interesting shots:

I hope you enjoyed this latest installment.

Vonn Scott Bair


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