White & Blue Series: Recent Photographs, 10 November 2012


Good Evening:

As you will see from the captions I have taken nearly 700 photographs that fit within the theme of “White & Blue.” Something about the color combination appeals to me.

White & Blue Series: Bricks

White & Blue Series: Market & Church Street Safeway Mural

White & Blue Series 664: Spiral 4

White & Blue Series 672: Van Ness Avenue Friday Morning

White & Blue Series 681: Broad & Capitol 5

I hope that all of you will someday look back upon these next few days and say, “That was a great weekend.”

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • adinparadise: Nice to hear from you again. This might surprise you–I used my iPhone 4 for the last three shots to take advantage of a weakness (!) in the camera. Whenever the software recognizes a shade of blue associated with the sky, it seems to make the color darker, more saturated, and more intense. Whichever camera I have, I try to understand its weaknesses so that I can transform their quirks into tools that help me take better pictures.

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