Weekly Photo Challenge: Green – Really, Really Big Leaves (The Instant Art of Instant Abstract Art, 19 November 2012)


Good Evening:

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in general and the Conservatory of Flowers in particular host many exotic plants that have really, really, big leaves. The Conservatory, bless ’em, has a very tolerant policy toward photographers–don’t touch the plants, and you can pretty much do as you want–so I could indulge one of my favorite techniques. This consists of taking an extreme closeup of an object to remove it from the context of its environment and reducing it to “instant abstract art.” The results sometimes prove worthy of a look or two.

I do feel a little disgruntled with myself, because of my lack of journalistic skills: I forgot to record the names of any of these plants. Oh, well. Good theme for this week, at least for me. Might have one more Green post in me.

Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. These are fantastic pictures. They don’t need any journaling at this point! In fact to be separated by words might have diminished the greenness of them. I just stopped by to thank you for following my blog, but now I have a new blog to follow as well. Thanks for leading me here. 🙂

      • True, but as you can see, I didn’t have that for mine. However, I was able to look the vegetable I posted up using images on Google, so that if people are really curious about them they can click on the link I provided. I have learned so much through blogging about so many different subjects. Each individual brings, not only their knowledge, but links to the knowledge of many others, and opens a world to me that I would not necessarily have even been interested in before I had the relationship with the bloggers!

  2. Actually now that I think about it I remember your wonderful post of “mine” thinking how original it is. These challenges are so interesting because people come with so many different perspectives. I took my green pictures in Seattle, but I just got back 40 minutes ago, and haven’t had time to post them. Maybe tomorrow… Happy Thanksgiving.

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