Good Evening:

An underrated color.

Glass Reflections on Building in Redwood Alley

I hope you will pardon my use of the English spelling of the color. “Grey” just looks somehow, um, greyer than, uh, “gray.”

Grey on Grey Study VIII

I found the above set of buildings near Jensen Street in Oakland, an industrial area full of urban landscapes that photographers love to explore.

Vacant Lot Next to MacDonald’s on Van Ness & Golden Gate Avenue

The above photo illustrates a surprising strength of the iPhone 4. Yes, this camera from three generations ago has grown old and obsolete, but the extremely small lens can peek between the slats of a ten foot tall privacy fence and capture the scene beyond.

Help Me Call 911

This building is located on a small narrow alley that connects Folsom and Shotwell in the Mission and runs parallel to 14th Street.

I just learned that someone in Japan became my 1,000th visitor this month. Thus November 2012 becomes my first 1,000 month, and this on the first anniversary of The San Francisco Scene–Seen! (founded 27 November 2011). Thank you all for your visits and comments, and I hope my blog continues to entertain you for a long time to come.

Vonn Scott Bair


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