Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections – The Julia Morgan Swimming Pool at the Berkeley City Club at Night


Good Evening:

The City of Berkeley, California was not conceived, imagined, designed and constructed with the intention of serving as the world’s largest open-air museum devoted to the career and works of legendary architect Julia Morgan.

It only seems that way.

Of her many contributions to the city, the Berkeley City Club ranks among the most idiosyncratic, a curious and lovely jumble of staircases, friezes, balustrades, windows and complicated color schemes that houses meeting rooms, a hair salon, at least one restaurant, theater stages–and a gorgeous indoor swimming pool. Last night, I attended a story reading series run by a friend of mine-

(Optional reading: one of the stories presented was the very story that became the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. Strange to say, the film is better.)

-and during the intermission, she showed me some of her favorite places in the BCC. One of these, the indoor swimming pool, faster than immediately drew out both of my cameras, the Nikon point-and-shoot and the iPhone 4:

Swimming Pool of the Berkeley City Club at Night, 3 December 2012

Swimming Pool of the Berkeley City Club at Night, 3 December 2012

This shot came from the Nikon, edited to reduce the level of orange, the overexposure of the lights, and to darken the picture to match the real scene. I promise to try very hard and limit myself to only the four responses to the Weekly Photo Challenge already published.

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • Cee Neuner: Thanks! Of course, I have to give the credit to Julia Morgan; I just took the picture. Morgan’s reputation declined a bit, largely due to the vagaries of fashion. The recent interest and reappraisal of her oeuvre should have come much sooner. I hope everyone will take another look at her portfolio. Vonn Scott Bair

    • Dear Mr. Diffley: Thank you for the kind words about the post editing. I have learned that taking the picture only begins the process; editing, even in iPhoto as I did, has become perhaps even more important. Nice to know that I have learned a little bit about this process. Vonn Scott Bair

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