Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons – Grey Drying Out


Good Evening:

Contrary to some opinions, San Francisco does have more than one season. True, temperatures on our sunny winter days can reach the mid-70s in some neighborhoods, but winter is the rainy season. I have several collections of photographs grouped into color themes (such as White & Blue or Green), including the underrated color of grey. This set combines the changing of San Francisco’s seasons from dry to wet with grey.

Almost all of the buildings near our Civic Center are grey, but this past Wednesday I noticed that when they dry out after a storm, they create some odd patterns, such as these two from the Asian Art Museum:



And here I present a pair of pictures of the same part of the same building (The State Building, Polk Street side), the first taken shortly after the storm ended and the second an hour later:



Instant abstract art, courtesy of Mother Nature and San Francisco architecture. If nothing else, I hope you find them a curious and interesting change of pace.

Vonn Scott Bair


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