Things on Walls, 16 December 2012: Instructions


Good Evening:

I saw these not-yet-cryptic markings on the grey plywood walls surrounding a Civic Center construction site:




This will not happen, of course, but let us pretend that these walls with their painted signs will survive intact and unfaded for a few thousand years. Do you not think that we have behaved most discourteously to future archeologists by not providing a written explanation of what all this arcane symbolism (has the time come to invent the word “arcania?”) meant to us primitive mortals? That statement might seem odd coming from one blogger communicating with other bloggers from around the world, but if some science fiction fantasy came true tomorrow, and all the computers in the world died and their data proved irretrievable, most records of our lives, careers, thoughts, work and creativity would disappear forever into the de-pixelated ether.

Among other things, my family would receive none of their Christmas presents. Little things like that, multiplied a billion-fold. Gone. Leaving nothing for future archeologists.

I get a little too pensive late on Sunday night.

Vonn Scott Bair


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