Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond – More from the Sutro Baths


Good Evening:

A very kind and encouraging individual asked for more photographs of my Sutro Baths sojourns. I will try to stick to the “Beyond” theme for this set, but will probably deviate in later posts, should I add more.

This first came from the sunrise visit on 12 January. I don’t know why, but many of the pictures, such as this, remind me of scenes from the old games Myst, Riven and especially Myst 3: Exile.

DSC_0062 012313

During my Monday, 21 January, sunset visit (“The Age of Wonder“), I took this second shot with my Nikon Coolpix S9100 point & shoot on the Dusk setting for the effect. Frankly, the colors are by no means real, hardly resembling what I saw. However, there’s something to be said for aritificial intensity.


Finally, a pair of shots of the same scene, a photography teacher and her young student. I’ll leave it to you to judge which composition is better. The first fits the “Beyond” theme, in that it gives the context of the event by showing all of the scenery “beyond” the people.


The next is a much closer composition made possible with the aid of my friend, the zoom.


I can say something positive about each shot, but I think the zoom-in picture is a little better. But I don’t know why. If you agree, I’d appreciate an explanation of my picture.

Vonn Scott Bair

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  1. I think what’s appealing about the zoom shot is he focus on the people – it isn’t diulted by all the other things going on “beyond” them… but my favorite here is the very top one – the composition and the blues are lovely.

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