Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique–Puzzle of the Week! MacWorld/iWorld 2013


Good Evening:

I suppose the annual event itself might be unique, given that there’s only one such event in the US nowadays, given that Apple is competing with Exxon for the title of world’s biggest company by some measure, and a few other factors, but I prefer to focus on a few of the exhibitors who actually managed to display products or offer promotions that might qualify as unique.

Such as the company that can turn your iPhone into a bow. That bow, as in bow and arrow. As in archery. Yes, your cell phone as a bow. I prefer that you not believe me yet:


Now you may believe me (you insert the phone into slot just above the hand).


These gentlemen in orange had an interesting giveaway: freeze dried ice cream, the same freeze dried ice cream that goes up with the astronauts. I tried one of them. I can say this: our brave astronauts make greater sacrifices than you know.

The most popular giveaway consisted of word portraits created at the New York Times display. They photograph you with an iPad (!), you select your favorite section from the Times, and they use words to make a picture of you. This is how I turned out:

VSB NYTimes Cloud Portrait Arts

I haven’t looked this good in a long time. The word “old” is very well placed.

And here is your Puzzle of the Week! Can you spot the title of the most legendarily disastrous box office flop in Broadway history? Answer in the next post, if I remember to do so, but I doubt this one will prove too difficult.

Vonn Scott Bair

PS–All shots except the Times picture taken with an iPhone 4. Anything else would have felt blasphemous, heretical and sacriligious.


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