Weekly Photo Challenge: Home – San Francisco Giants Fan Fest 2013


Good Evening:

How bizarre. The San Francisco Giants have returned home to their wildly enthusiastic fans. By one standard, they might be the most popular team in major league baseball today; they sold out every home game last year. They play in one of the finest ballparks in America. They won the 2012 World Series. This joint should rock. But look at this:

Where Have All the Giants Fans Gone?

Where Have All the Giants Fans Gone?

Well, where are the fans?!

Oh, wait, they’re over here:

Giants Fan Fest 2013

Giants Fan Fest 2013

The Giants pitchers and catchers report on Tuesday, but first the team returned home to greet their supporters at the annual Fan Fest. Between 35,000 and 40,000 showed up for the free affair (ironically, more people show up for the games, and those tickets are expensive!) to maybe get an autograph from one of their heroes, greet other fans, and generally hang out at what will become their second home for the summer.

And I don’t think that “second home” is too strong a term. I noticed a couple of hundred people who did not join the crowds on the field (and who would not like to step on a major league field?). They sat in the stands munching their first chicken fingers or garlic fries of the season, basking in the sun and enjoying the sights. Like these two:

Grandfather Transforming Grandson Into Another Giants Fan

Grandfather Transforming Grandson Into Another Giants Fan

My hypothesis (OK, wild guess): many of these people owned season tickets to these seats, and they were reclaiming their place at their vacation home.

Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. I know “zilch” about baseball but am enjoying the geometrics of the seating. That first photo is awesome. Holly Cow; that is a good showing for the free event!

    • xpat92: One curiosity about baseball is that the geometrics of each major league stadium are unique, because no two stadia are built exactly the same. The Giants’ ballpark contains a lot of curious wrinkles which visiting clubs insane, starting with a crooked right field wall that produces weird bounces when balls strike it. Vonn Scott Bair

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