An Acute Critic at the Civic Center BART Station


Good Evening:

I can’t deny the truth: Beck’s “Loser” annoyed and irritated me more than any other song during the entire decade of the Nineties. Drives me up the wall every time I hear it. So the busker with the acoustic guitar and the thin voice at the Civic Center BART did me no favors Tuesday night by performing that song, and performing it badly. Across the corridor sat a beggar with a blue plastic milk crate holding sundry items.

“I’m a loser, baby/so why don’t you kill me.”

Even better, the busker knew only that line from the song’s lyrics, so he kept singing that one line over and over and over. Badly. Very, very, badly.

Finally the beggar stood up and grabbed his milk crate.

“Man! Yo s— gonna kill me!!

The beggar stormed off. The busker followed him with his eyes, not playing or singing one note.

A moment of silence.

The busker improvised a quiet slow tempo blues number. Which, to be fair, was actually pretty good.

Vonn Scot Bair


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