Grey Series #139, 140, 141


Good Evening:

Today, I collected a few dozen photographs based upon the color grey, of which three were worth preserving. All shots taken with a Nikon CoolPix S9100 in full color.

I took the first two during my lunch break.


The upper one is a closeup of one of the elevators. The lower one is a curious combination of reflections. Light from our windows reflects off the walls of the building opposite the alley, and then reflects off the glass ledge over our window. Meanwhile , you can see the lights in our office reflected in our window.

Of course, humans cannot compete easily with grey done nature’s way.


Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. Hi Vonn,
    Wonderful study! So right to look closer in our everyday environment.
    The second one is interesting. When you focus on one aspect, you really hone your skills.I tried two experiments this month(light & comp). Both are up on my blog.
    Keep up the great work 😉

    • xpat92: Thank you for the kind words. The second picture is my personal favorite of the bunch. I’ve taken a number of shots of the building across from us on Redwood Alley (it’s the Superior Court building) and posted a few in a few of my “Grey” blogposts. My boss hasn’t caught me yet! Vonn Scott Bair

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