Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward – Into the Great Blue Open


Good Afternoon:

Another 6:00 a.m. on a Sunday Morning, another expedition to the Sutro Baths. Perhaps not my best day with a camera (252 photos taken, only 80 kept), but some turned out acceptably well, and of these, three accidentally qualified for this week’s Challenge.


I don’t know what this walkway used to lead to, but today it seems to lead “Forward” to Seal Rocks, and beyond them, to lead into the Great Blue Open. Of course, there exist easier means of travel into the Great Blue Open than attempting to walk upon the waters:


Look at the horizon between the two rocks; you’ll see what I think was a trawler.

If you sail across the Pacific, you’ll need to bring something with you:


Container vessel shipping, first developed in 1956, probably ranks among the greatest and least appreciated inventions of the 20th Century, greatly reducing the cost and time consumed shipping goods from one continent to another. Amazingly, the crew of the container ship in the above picture will not transfer those containers on deck down into the hull’s storage spaces–they’re already filled with even more containers. They will sail into the Great Blue Open, across the world’s largest ocean, with those containers stacked aboveboard, no matter what weather they encounter.

Perhaps we still live in an Age of Wonder after all.

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • mrscarmichael: I’m glad you like it. And menacing does not overstate the truth–the Sutro Baths can become quite risky to explore at high tide. During that visit, I had to warn a father with two small children to move away from where they stood. A moment after they took my advice, a not-too-terribly large wave washed over that spot. That entire stretch of the city presents a curious combination of manicured civilization and untamable nature. Vonn Scott Bair

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