Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood – 2 Hours in San Francisco on a Saturday Afternoon


Good Morning:

A few Saturdays ago, I tried to take the 24-Divisadero bus and proceed directly to the Castro Theater for one of their twice-annual Silent Film Festivals (advance notice: this June, the festival will show nine, count ’em, 9 Hitchcock silents). But as frequently happens when I have a camera–and I always have at least my iPhone–I had to disembark a few blocks early.


Does the DSM list photography as an addiction?

Some people had more important items on their agenda than Buster Keaton…


…but I can’t get enough of one of the greatest non-martial arts athletes in film history. The Castro show three of his two-reelers, including The Scarecrow, where a pit bull terrier received the biggest ovation of the entire afternoon–that dog climbed a twenty-foot tall ladder. After the show, I finally noticed this plaque above one of the Castro’s emergency exits…


…and then walked down 16th Street to get lunch and proceed with my chores. One of the first signs of spring had sprung along Church Street:


We call them cherry trees, but I don’t know what they really are.

But enough about me. What do you do for two hours in your neighborhood?

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • Colline: Thank you for writing. One curiosity about San Francisco is that even in the middle of a *very* densely populated city you will find these quiet settings. I like them for their absence of humans. Vonn Scott Bair

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    • basiga: Good Question! In many posts, I have written words to the effect of “If San Francisco is not change, then it is not at all.” So while it might be a sign of a long time away, in some neighborhoods (especially along the eastern edge facing the San Francisco Bay) it might be a sign of being away for only a week or two. A little exaggeration, but only a little; you will see construction cranes everywhere along Third Street south of the Giants ballpark or in the SOMA neighborhood. Vonn Scott Bair

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