Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood – Painted Ladies of San Francisco


Good Evening:

In San Francisco, a “painted lady” has a very different meaning than elsewhere:


San Francisco’s Painted Ladies consist of Victorians and Edwardians from the 19th Century up to WWI that have not only withstood the decades and the earthquakes, they have thrived under the tender love and care of their owners, boasting intricate color paint schemes such as the above bed-and-breakfast at Haight & Central. Here are two more that you can find on Buena Vista, no more than 50 yards away:

IMG_4422 IMG_4418

Wouldn’t you love to live in a flat or apartment that had a tower like these?

Living in San Francisco, the architect’s Disneyland, I Remain,

Yours Truly,

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • Hamburg und Mee(h)r: It might astonish you to know that after World War II, when the Victorians and Edwardians needed repainting, their owners frequently chose inexpensive US Navy surplus battleship grey paint! Not quite as interesting as today’s paint schemes, I would imagine. Vonn Scott Bair

  1. Hi Vonn,
    I LOVE and LOVE again the painted ladies! My hubby & I loved checking these out!
    In my dreams, I have one of these painted ladies and I blog on the window seat with a million $$$$ view.

    • xpat92: Many such Painted Ladies have become bed & breakfast inns; so instead of dreaming of them or spending $3.22 million on them, you can always rent one for the weekend. Vonn Scott Bair

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