Weekly Photo Challenge: Color – My Latest Mural Puzzle!


Good Evening:

I like taking extreme closeup photographs of San Francisco’s murals, creating what I call “The Instant Art of Instant Abstract Art” by reducing an object to color and line. Lately I’ve taken to indulging my mischievious streak by creating not-terribly-difficult puzzles for mental stimulation and enjoyment (I hope). Tonight’s puzzle features a new mural at the intersection of Scott and Fell in San Francisco’s Lower Haight.

I begin with the instant abstract art:

IMG_4410 IMG_4391 IMG_4407 IMG_4395 IMG_4393 IMG_4399 IMG_4405

And now here is a picture of a section of the mural:


Can you locate each of the closeups within the context of the mural as a whole? Oh, and before I forget, there is one potentially tricky little bit. this is not the entire mural, only a section: one or more of the closeups might be a picture of a section of the mural that you can’t see.

Have fun.

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • My.Vivid.Visions.: Thanks for writing. My “technique,” such as it is, consists of walking towards the mural until there are few enough colors, the object is no longer discernible, and making sure my shadow doesn’t ruin the shot. Pure instinct, really, and pretty simple to copy. Vonn Scott Bair

    • seeker: Thank you. I think you’ll find opportunities for extreme closeups like this anywhere, even if you can find murals as numerous as in San Francisco. Industrial landscapes, the sand at beaches, exterior walls, sometimes it seems that anything contains a photograph if you look closely. Vonn Scott Bair

    • Louise: Thanks for writing. I have a bunch of posts devoted to such puzzles, “The Instant Art of Instant Abstract Art,” and/or instant minimalist art. Pretty easy to find just by searching the titles. Vonn Scott Bair

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    • Creative Imagination: Glad you like it! Of course, the next time you study your collection you’ll probably say, “Hey, that’s easy. I can do the same thing myself.” I would not feel the least bit surprised if software already exists that can take any digital photo and cut it up into a jigsaw puzzle. Vonn Scott Bair

    • adinparadise: Thank you very much. Really, I have to give almost all of the credit to the muralist. San Francisco is home to so many murals that between hunting down the art and eating on Valencia Street, one could easily spend a few weeks’ vacation here. Vonn Scott Bair

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