Weekly Photo Challenge: Color – A Defense of Grey


Good Evening:

People seem to have a problem with grey. John le Carre has a problem with grey. As the dissident “Goethe” says in The Russia House, “It is the grey men who have ruined our beautiful profession.”

I happen to like the color grey. One of the oddball paradoxes of the oddball and paradoxical city of San Francisco is that for all of the pastel stucco and the hundreds of street murals, much of the city contains nothing but shades of grey. Herewith I present my attempt to present a defense of the color. Please look past my photographic “skills” and appreciate what grey can do.


I have other pictures of grey buildings drying out after a rain here if you’re interested. The next pair come from the same mural as my latest puzzle.

IMG_4414 IMG_4390

Even Mother Nature likes grey, and if she likes the color then why not us?


The next two come a recent bizarre sky hanging over downtown San Francisco one day. The clouds appeared like a single thin layer of translucent marble, much like the marble walls of the windowless Beinecke Rare Book Library in New Haven, Connecticut. Yes, these are clouds:

IMG_4559 IMG_4557

Finally, I even dare to present the interior of a bathroom stall:

IMG_4617 IMG_4616

I say, let’s give this poor unappreciated color a little of the appreciation that it deserves. More here and here if you would like to see additional evidence.

Vonn Scott Bair


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