Weekly Photo Challenge: Change – Of Blogging, Vanishing Murals, and Yet Another Puzzle!


Good Morning:

I knew one of the first bloggers in history.

You might recall a reference to the Thunderbird Theatre Company’s production of Lariats of Fire in one of my posts in the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense” series a few weeks ago, and how I was the only cast member not part of the dot-com boom in the late Nineties (and hence, not part of the dot-com bomb shortly thereafter). One of my fellow cast members was a young lady of exceptional comic skills who maintained a personal website that was not a blog for exactly one reason.

The word “blog” literally did not exist. No joke. It did not exist.

She used her website as an online diary, posting multiple updates each week. Each time she added another diary entry, she had to rewrite the HTML of her entire website to accommodate the new data. Of course she developed her own workflow, shortcuts and code to streamline the process as much as possible, but it still required time and effort beyond her own creative input.

All of us blogging folk owe a lot to the pioneers of online expression. Seriously, if this were 1999, and the good people of WordPress, Blogspot, Mariner, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera did not exist, would you have a blog? Me, neither.

Speaking of changes in San Francisco, I wandered past a great source of murals in the Mission District, an alley across the street from the Rainbow Grocery, and discovered that several of the murals I had photographed in the past had disappeared. Just plain gone. Painted over with flat light grey paint. Then, muralists (the same ones? New ones? I don’t know) painted new murals to replace the old. I don’t know if the artists themselves like to replace their own work, but that remains a possibility; only a few murals had been replaced. Everything changes in this town, and changes often.

Anyway, you have already seen a set of nine closeups from one of the new murals. Your challenge, as always, is simple: locate each image within the entire mural.


Like most of my puzzles, this should not prove too hard.

Vonn Scott Bair

PS–About the “blogger-before-the-term-was-invented:” I don’t know if she still publishes her diary online. After she suffered a huge reverse in the dot-bomb, she disappeared and I don’t know if she’s still acting today.


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  1. “The word “blog” literally did not exist. No joke. It did not exist.”

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog#History indicates disagreement.

    “Each time she added another diary entry, she had to rewrite the HTML of her entire website to accommodate the new data.”

    Entire *page* maybe. And maybe a new entry on the home page to link to it. How do i know?: I *still* roll that way. But i don’t blog… not enough to say. Attempting to uphold the Mr. Ed Philosophy of public speaking.

    • Sonic Purity: Thanks for writing. Too many years have passed since I last encountered the woman, and your feckless correspondent lacks the greatest of memories, but your method sounds vaguely similar to what she used to do. The real surprise is that someone so technically savvy never used the word “blog” to describe what she did; since she never used the term, I figured it could not have existed. The Wikipedia entry might have a clue, if the entry is correct and Peter Merholz coined the term in April or May 1999. You see, Lariats of Fire went into rehearsals in May of that year, so she might not yet have heard of the word. I can’t recall if she ever used the root word “weblog.”

    • mumox: Thanks for visiting! I appreciate the kind words, but must give almost all of the credit to the muralist or muralists. I hadn’t seen his/her/their work before Saturday and felt most impressed with their use of color. Vonn Scott Bair

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