Weekly Photo Challenge: 300th Post! From Above – Giants Ballpark, Right Field Promenade


Good Morning:

The technique could not be more primitive. Find a spot on the promenade overlooking McCovey Cove, point your camera over the edge, snap pictures like crazy, and then delete like crazier when you get home. Publish a few for your 300th post.


DSCN2403 DSCN2387 DSCN2368 DSCN2360

And a blast from the past, just because I like this one.

The Dodgers Fan at Giants Ballpark, 2008

The Dodgers Fan at Giants Ballpark, 2008

And yes indeed, I have reached the 300 mark in my posts; not quite as impressive as Barry Bonds’ 756th home run (see the home plate-shaped plaque in the top picture), but a pleasant surprise for me. I’ve thanked my readers and followers before; I thank you now; I hope to have many more opportunities to thank you in the future.

Vonn scott Bair


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    • sheryloben: Thanks for the kind words! For some reason, it’s always been easier for me to compose shots with only one or two people than group shots. Still working on those. Vonn Scott Bair

    • NiinaMaria: Good one! If it’s any consolation, this gimmick doesn’t belong to either of us, it originated with the French photographer Atget, who if he lived today, would probably take over a million shots per year. Vonn Scott Bair

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