Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern – Fallen Tree at Sutro Baths (The Instant of Instant Abstract Art, 11 May 2013)


Good Morning:

This week’s Challenge won’t pose much of a challenge for me–not bragging at all, it’s just that I often take pictures as part of my “The Instant Art of Instant Abstract Art” series of photographs. The idea consists of this: take a closeup picture of an object until nothing remains except color and shape.

For this first post, I’ll let Mother Nature do the work.


When you explore the bluff above and to the north of Sutro Baths, one of the paths will take you past a fallen tree, mostly barkless and most of its limbs gone. I know nothing about how trees decay, but would guess that at this location they decay differently. On the one hand, you have almost constant moisture from the rain and fog; on the other hand, you also have salt air and wind. This might account for some of the patterns that have begun to emerge in the wood.



As a nice side benefit, these pictures might assist in my quest to convince the world that grey is a beautiful color.

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • Lily Mugford: Thank you for the very kind words. As a photographer, I don’t consider myself an artist, not yet. Seems that someone or something else does all the work for me. Vonn Scott Bair

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