Land’s End, San Francisco, 4 May 2013: Miscellaneous Photographs


Good Morning:

On 4 May, I visited Land’s End at the northwest corner of San Francisco to gather material for the “From Above” Weekly Photo Challenge (and accidentally gathered material for the “Pattern” Challenge as well). Naturally, I took other pictures as well, and as I have chosen to spend my vacation exploring the city’s lesser-seen parks and places, it seemed appropriate to share pictures of my varied excursions, starting with shots of my visit to one of America’s most hazardous urban parks.


Note the fence. Note the warning sign. Now note the beaten path past the warning sign. I have joked that Land’s End is America’s most libertarian park, but the joke contains a hint of truth: the people who maintain San Francisco’s park system will put up the occasional warning sign and the occasional fence to limit their legal liability, but beyond that, go wherever you want, take whatever fool chances you want, take whatever fool risks you want, and if you get your fool self killed, well tough, it’s your own dang fool fault.


One probably cannot take a non-cliched shot of the Golden Gate Bridge; one can only hope to take a less-cliched shot.


Photographer (n.): The consarned fool who runs toward an explosion. No explosions here, of course, but one good strong gust and that guy goes over the edge. However, he probably collected some incredible shots.


This photograph exploits a quirk on my Nikon Coolpix S9100; it emphasizes or brightens the comparatively light-colored objects in a picture and deemphasizes or darkens the rest. However, I believe that cameras do not have weaknesses, they have features, and photographers have an obligation to learn when and how to turn them to their advantage.

A rockface, something I added to two of my collections, “Grey” and “The Minimally Artistic Art of Instant Minimalist Art:”


And a little miscellany:


Vonn Scott Bair


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    • Dear Ms. Wells: Thanks for commenting. In one sense, I feel fortunate to have visited during a cloudy late afternoon spring day after the fog has rolled in. The results were a little bit out of the ordinary compared with the usual (and rare) clear bright blue skies picture postcard shots. Vonn Scott Bair

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