10,000+. Thanking Everyone – with a New Puzzle!


Good Morning:

It happened sometime last Thursday: The San Francisco Scene–Seen! received its 10,000th view.

Thank you so much.

I never expected to reach any significant number of followers or viewers; indeed, I didn’t know if this blog would last more than a few months before I got bored and shut it down. So to thank everyone, I’ve created another one of my picture puzzles! If you haven’t seen one of these before, they usually don’t present more than middling difficulty. The idea is simple. First, I present a bunch of closeups of sections of one of San Francisco’s hundreds (thousands?) of murals. Then I present a picture of the mural as a whole. Your goal: identify where the closeups fit into the overall picture.

C. Dill is either an individual artist or a collective with one of the most original and distinct oeuvres in the city. You cannot mistake a C. Dill work for murals created by anyone else. Herewith I present the closeups from “Feral Child,” a recent mural from November 2012 that went up on Market Street between 7th and 8th Streets:

DSCN5792 DSCN5794 DSCN5793 DSCN5796 DSCN5795The next picture is the section of the mural that contains the above closeups.


Hint: You shall find the top closeup in the basket on the far right.

All right, perhaps this one poses a slightly greater challenge than normal. Thanks again & for ever for visiting.

Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. great mural – 3 top left first panel, 4 top left, second panel. haven’t found the others yet 😉
    Congrats on the huge amount of views, I’m glad you haven’t got bored yet.
    Jude xx

    • Heyjude: I give the credit to C. Dill, he/she/they are not just good, they’re different. I have several puzzle-themed blogposts; if you want to see the rest, simply use the search term “Puzzle.” Vonn Scott Bair

      • I started to process it with a HDR software (only slightly) and afterwards converted it to sepia.
        I have to deal a lot with old photographs in my job and the sepia version reminded me of the historic photos I see every day.

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